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3D-Printing, you name it we make it


Environment visualization - Eightball

All things three dimensional made in a computer make us excited

Product visualization - Mutator

We can create a wide range of styles for your project

Product visualization - EDEN WT-800

There is not much we can not do when it comes to 3D graphics

About US

The company was founded in Sweden 2007 by Ulf Ekelöf, and has since been working with
companies from all over the world. We have 27 years of experience in 3D graphics for
visualization and video games.

Product - Germanium

We have a knack for photo realism, let us know what you need

Product - Plush toy

We take your design or idea and give it some dimensions, mostly 3

Product - Headphones

Sometimes animation is needed to show off your design

Product - Tactical NUKE

Charicature or realism, clean or gritty, you decide we make it

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Ask away, let us know what kind of 3D you need
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